Samaikya Telugu Vedika

తెలుగు సాంస్కృతిక సంఘం, స్టుట్గార్ట్ ప్రాంతం

Samaikya Telugu Vedika e.V extends the celebrations of 

Independence Day - 15th Aug

Samaikya Telugu Vedika e.V ( STV e.V ) wants to extend the celebrations of the 75th Indian Independence Day with the motive to encourage the STV e.V members to stay Healthy and Fit.

This Year, the celebrations are going to double !!

In addition to the celebrations of Independence Day with our member’s performances and presence(like every Year), We like to extend our support and own the #IndiaAt75 and #WalkForIndia campaign started by Indoeuropean and supported by the Consulate General of India (Munich)

Event1 Independence Day (Virtual Event) and Event2 #75KStepsBySTV

We have reached the moment to remember the Great Sacrifices and cherish the Freedom of 75 Years…


Switch between the below two events for more information!!

  • Everyone who wants to participate in the event should register on our Website from HERE
  • Participate in our Virtual Celebrations by sending your videos bytes of any Dance Performances, Patriotic Songs,  Dialogues, or Speech
  • Enthusiast Kids/Adults can also deliver the LIVE Speech/Singing on the day of Aug.15th
  • The last date to submit the Video bytes is 10.Aug.2021
  • Please upload your performances files directly during the Registration of Event,  from HERE
  • Virtual Event is planned for around ~2 Hours from 11:00 AM on 15.Aug.2021
  • Stay Tuned to our Website or Official WhatsApp group for more updates and Zoom Event Join Links

On this very Special Occasion of 75th Independence Day as Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav, STV e.V launches a special program called #75KStepsBySTV.

All you need to do is Starting at 05.Aug.2021 till 14.Aug.2021 (10 Days) you need to finish the 75.000( or +) Steps on a celebration of India At 75.

Follow the instructions below to take part in STV special Event 75KStepsBySTV...

  • STV e.V Members can Register for our Official  walk campaign (75KStepsBySTV) from Here
  • IT Team suggests the following iPhone or Android smartphone Apps, for tracking your Steps(Walk)
    • Fitbit: Health & Fitness
  • Use any of the Smartphone Apps or wearables like Apple Watch & Fitbit to track your Walk (Steps) from 05.08.2021 till the end of 14.08.2021
  • Please upload your daily Workout (or Whenever after your Walk) results to our Website from Here
  • All the Members who finish the 75K Steps challenge in 10 Days(05.8 till 14.08) Will receive the Felicitation and Gifts from Samaikya Telugu Vedika e.V

Note: Members registered to Campaign 1, can simultaneously share your workout results to STV 75StepsBySTV event as well (More details are on their Website. Look for Announcements Slides on our Home Page, for more info)

For any further questions, please check the FAQ on this Page. Please reach us at or chat with us by Chatbot on this page.

#75KStepsBySTV Group Leaderboard

Only Visible for Logged in Members !! (Updates Daily by EOD)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the video byte duration for Independence Day Celebrations?

Video Byte duration should not be more than 2 mins. Please try to make a good quality of video like in our Ugadi Event performances…

Can I register for Live and Recorded performances?

Yes, Once can also register for live performance or just can send the recording(not more than 2 mins duration). Live performances are only Singing, Dancing or Speech (in Fancy and freedom fighter costumes) for up to 2 mins. You will be reached by Organizers separately the registered Live  performers. 

What if my recorded performance is more than 2 mins playtime?

Due to short Event Time (~2 Hours), we request to respect the allotted time window of 2 mins, for each individual performance.   

How can we upload the performances of my Kid from the Website?

IT Team will share the Upload link by email to the Event registered performer email.

This email will contain more details.

Yes, the two Events of Samaikya Telugu Vedika e.V, Independence Day celebration and 75KStepsBySTV are only for Members. Therefore, The Registration Links, Performance Upload links are accessible only to logged in members of Website. 

I did not receive my Website Login Account information? Where Can I reach for Support?

If you are already a registered Members of STV e.V IT Team has sent you the Website Login information a month ago. If the email is not received or missed, Please send an Email to or just chat with us from our chatbot on this page.

I do not have a Smart Watch or a Smart Phone. Can I still participate or register for this Walk Campaign?

Unfortunately, Due to Covid situation and Vacation time, this event is planned as Virtual. Therefore, we have to rely on Workout Apps from Smart watches, iPhone or Android smart phones or any fitness wearables. You can still participate if you have any Fitbit wearable or similar. Please reach us from the chatbot for more info or just email to .

Can I share my workout results from the date earlier than my Event Registration Date?

Not possible. STV e.V Member should register to the event #75KStepyBySTV from our website. After registration an invitation to join our closed group #75KStepsBySTV from Fitbit app, is sent. After joining the group from the link, Member can start working out and share the steps (posts) with other friends of that group.

What kind of Workout types are accepted for this competition?

This competition is only to record the Walking steps. As we want to cherish the 75 Years of Independence, we have this campaign #75KStepsBySTV.

Only Outdoor workout like Walk, along with Steps and workout Maps post is considered as proof of workout and nothing other.

Exception: Only on Rainy Day or Bad weather.

I'm not an STV registered Member. Can I still participate in your Campaign?

These Events are only for the STV e.V registered Members.

If you want to join our associations, please visit our Member Benefits and become a Member Today!!

What happens if the STV Event #75KStepsBySTV participants of Fitbit are in different time zones?

The #75KStepsBySTV challenge event begins and ends in the event owner’s (STV e.V) time zone.


If you are an STV member and registered for this event, but currently or during the next days you are in a different time zone than in STV e.V time zone (for example, say you are in India Vacation) then you might notice that, Fitbit App challenge leaderboard stats do not always match your dashboard stats.

But you can still participate in this event even you are on vacation outside Germany.

Few Members has faced challenges in uploading the files from the Registration link.

IT Team has provided an alternative File Uploader service, to assist in that situation. Please reach Event Org Team or IT Team for more assistance.

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