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STV Chess Championship – 2020

Chess Championship 2020

STV is conducting online Chess Championship 2020 exclusively for STV Members in May &  June 2020
Chess Championship 2020 has been started on 24.05.2020. Its scheduled in 4 slots
  1. 24.05.2020 – 27.05.2020
  2. 28.05.2020 – 30.05.2020
  3. 31.05.2020 – 03.06.2020
  4. 04.06.2020 – 06.06.2020
Weekly updates will be posted here.  
Chess Championship 2020 is being conducted for following three groups in 4 slots.
  1. Kids upto 10 years
  2. Kids from 11-15 years
  3. Adults
Winners and Runner-ups will receive medals.  
Updates on 14.06.2020 Here comes “STV Chess Championship 2020” Finale We are pleased to inform you that after playing more than 129 games and giving tough fights “Chess Championship 2020” has reached to its final round with lots of twists and turns. Here are the finalists of all the three categories: 1) Kinder – Vihaan vs Rishitha (Today: will update time) 2) Jungs – Hrishi vs Sahit (Today: at 11:00 am) – (link for live game) 3) Erwachsenen -Ravali vs Sumanth (20.06.2020) Hard luck for the final round players, they were equally good. It would be a two match finals for Kinder and Jungs Categories and a 2+2 games final for Erwachsener group. All the final games link would be posted live in this group. Request everyone to encourage the players. Masala news: The talented Siblings : We had 3 pairs of Siblings who participated in the games in different categories: 1) Hrishi and Hitesh 2) Teja Sai and Vihaan 3) Sahit and Varsha One of them have reached the finals. Appreciation to Hitesh as he was registered accidently in the Jungs category but still fought well to finally lose against his own elder brother Hrishi. Teja Sai and Vihaan: Teja fought well but Vihaan improved his game in the last round Drawing against Varsha(won all 4 in the league category) and won against Advaith to go through to the finals with Rishitha. Sahit and Varsha: Varsha the little Kita kid who won all her games in the kinder category unfortunately slipped in the final rounds. Best of luck for her future. But Sahit was unbeatable in the final round and stormed into the final in the Jungs category. The Women Factor: We just had 2 registrations from ladies in our Erwachsener categories and now one of them is in the Final. Appreciate Ravali gaaru 👏👏. She won against co-finalist Sumanth to enter the Final. The Final would be definitely nail biting. Do not miss our „STV Koneru Hampi“ Ravali play in the final. ————————————————————————————————————————————————– Updates on 08.06.2020 In this Lockdown period it’s been hard to stay connected. Our motivation to keep you all connected and getting to know new families and new friends of our kids in our STV group has driven us to this Idea of conducting “STV Chess Championship 2020 “ With total 36 registrations, our first STV Chess Championship started on 24.05.2020. All players were divided in to 3 different categories: 1) Kinder (Grundschule and Kindergarten) – Total 10 registered players divided into 2 pools with 5 players each. 2) Jungs (above Grundschule) – Total 8 registered players divided in to 2 pools with 5 players each. 3) Erwachsener (Adults) – Total 18 registered players divided in to 3 pools with 6 players each.   After just two weeks we completed a massive 89 league games played in all categories. Firstly, thanks to all wonderful little kids who participated in the competition. At the same time equally thanks to their parents who helped and encouraged their kids in preparing and playing all the games.   1.Chess Champion Kinder: 20 league games completed We congratulate all the kids, as their participation was more worthful than a win or a loss. Participants: Varsha P, Sasyak Y, Advaith N, Anishwar S, Veda Vyas G, Anurag G, Deekshitha V, Rishitha M, Nikhil B and Vihaan C. All the kids played very well but only 2 kids per pool would proceed to the next round (Best of 4). Tie breakers are in progress hence we could not declare our “Best of 4” as of now for this category. The top two from the “Best of 4” round will play a final on 13.06.2020. Every kid participating would be awarded with a medal for participating. The winner and runner-up would be presented with a small trophy in the next STV event.   2. Chess Champion Jungs: 24 league games completed We thank and congratulate all the Jungs, as their participation was more worthful than a win or a loss. Participants: Sai K, Sahit P, Sudeep C, Hrishikesh T, Teja Sai C, Hitesh T, Ishani Y and Risha S All the Jungs played very well 2 Jungs per pool would proceed to the next round (Best of 4). Top four players who qualified for Best of 4 are Sahit, Hitesh, Teja Sai and Hrishikesh. The top two from “Best of 4” round will play a final on 14.06.2020. The winner and runner-up would be presented with a small trophy in the next STV event.   3.Chess Champion Erwachsener: 45 league games completed. From the bottom of our hearts we thank and congratulate all the participants of this categories especially for taking time out of your already busy calendars. Some of them even had to prepare their kids in the other categories. On the other hand, we have unearthed some excellent chess players in our two-week journey. Some mouth-watering contests, many twists and turns made it an excellent tournament. There were lot of happy moments at the same time many heart-breaking games were some of them lost games from winning positions, slipped away chances of qualifying to the next round by just a whisker. Participants: Ajay S, Pradeep K, Anish HM, Sumanth N, Kiran C, Anukul G, Rama Krishna M, Gangadhara P, Krishna Rao G, Venkata Harikrishna T, Krishnaveni M, Raja Ramesh C, Srinivas  V, Siva G, Nagesh Y, Raja Venkatesh, Ravali G, Rajendar M.   Top two of all the 3 pools qualify for the “Super Six round” Top two of the “Super Six round” would play a final to win the title on 21.06.2020. The winner and runner-up would be presented with a small trophy in the next STV event. Top 6 players who qualified in to the Super six round are Pradeep K, Sumanth N, Gangadhar P, Harikrishna T, Ravali G and Sinivas V   Unearthing a Koneru Hampi in our STV: Last but not the least: we heartfully thank our two Lady contestants Smt Ravali gaaru and Smt Krishnaveni gaaru for taking your time out and participating in the tournament. Hope we will unearth a Koneru Hampi in our STV soon. 🙂 Highlight of the tournament: Family of Chess: Varsha(kids), Sahit(Jungs) and Gangadhar(Erwachsner) are a family who are winning hearts in the tournament. All the three have not lost a single game in all the league game they have played in their respective category. Specially the super kid Varsha (in Kindergarten) won all the games against elder opponents. We wish this family all the luck. Stay tuned for further updates from the next round games in out next update. Thanks, for reading. Yours sincerely STV Org team Nagesh, Ajay and Sumanth ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Championship Rules and Regulations 1) Time controlled games will be played 20 minutes + 10 secs per move (for Adults and 11-15 years) and 30 minutes game for under 10’s. 2) Player playing white pieces should send the link to his Opponent. 3), online website need to be used. 4) Winner will be alloted 1 point, looser 0 and a tie 1/2 for each player for all games. 5) In case if the game could not be finished due to following reasons: 6) In case of any conflict organisers decision would be final. a. Both players don’t get time then: 1/2-1/2 would be shared (provided organiser accepts the result) else game would be     disqualified and no points would be allotted. b. Player would loose the game if he doesn’t find time even after repeated requests by his opponent. (Decision would be made   by the Organiser). c. player will lose the game,if he gets disconnected from the game due to Internet issues 7) Players should always be nice with their opponents. 8) Whatsapp Video call should be done preferably during the game, so you can have the live feeling. 9) Organisers decision would be final and no arguments should be done. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————

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