Samaikya Telugu Vedika

తెలుగు సాంస్కృతిక సంఘం, స్టుట్గార్ట్ ప్రాంతం

STV Yoga Online Free Classes

In Association with J-YOGA. For the Wellbeing of us

Samaikya Telugu Vedika e.V in association with Sri Jyotheswar Reddy Kuricheti garu (J-YOGA) introduced free online Yoga classes to STV members.

The classes were presented by Jyotheswar garu over Zoom from Singapore. He has trained as Yoga Registered Teacher from Yoga Alliance Singapore.

Our Yoga classes take place on Saturday at 9 AM (CET) from 15.May.2021. All the members can start using these free classes arranged for the well being of our Members by STV e.V

 Yoga class Training Topics :
2.Joints Loosening
3.Extensive Shoulder Exercises
3.Body Loosening
4.Relaxation techniques : IRT, QRT, DRT
5.Sun Salute
6.Postures: Standing, Sitting, Prone, Supine
7.Meditative Postures: Vajrasan, Padmasan
8.Kriyas: Kapalbathi, Netrasnan, Jaladauti, Jalaneti, Shankprakshalan
9. Mudras (Gestures)
10. Bandhas (Locks)
11. Vayusar, Agnisaar, Uddiyan Bandh
12. Sectional Breathing: Abdominal, Thoracic, Upper Lobar, Full Yogic
13. Pranayams : Surya Anulom, Chandra Anulom, Nadi Suddi, Bhramari, Bhastrika
Cooling Pranayams : Sitali, Sitkari, Sadanta
14. Meditation: Cyclic Meditation, Nadanusandhan, Aum Chanting
15. Eye exercises, Palming
16. Dharana Practice: Jyoti Tratak
17. Special focus: Back pain, Abdominal fat reduction, Insomnia
18. *Vrikshasan (Tree Posture), Utkatasan (Chair Posture), Upward dog / Downward dog posture

YouTube Recordings

The class recordings are also made available from our Official YouTube Channel for practicing over the weekdays or in the free time.

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