Samaikya Telugu Vedika

తెలుగు సాంస్కృతిక సంఘం, స్టుట్గార్ట్ ప్రాంతం


Founders of STV have been working and living in Germany since more then 15 years.  Since 2010 when the strength of Telugu speaking people started growing, founders came together to celebrate Telugu festivals and other events to make a big family of Telugu speaking people in and around Stuttgart.  Founders of STV have been celebrating Telugu festivals in Stuttgart region since 2011.

In last 7 years with self-initiation thrived to bring together other Telugu speaking people to celebrate it like one big family. They were self-motivated by a sense of responsibility and wanted to give something back to society.

After long discussions Founders finally decided to start a Telugu Association to provide a platform for all the Telugu speaking people for sharing, caring, helping and celebrating events and festivals to keep Telugu culture alive at home away from home.

Here are few founders, who started celebrating festivals since 2011:

No. First Name Last Name Image/Avtar
1. Rajendar Modsu
2. Ajay Suguru   N/A
3. Shyamsunder Alagandula
4. Raja Ramesh Chilakala
5. Jagadish  Bomma
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Samaikya Telugu Vedika