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తెలుగు సాంస్కృతిక సంఘం, స్టుట్గార్ట్ ప్రాంతం

STV 2023 Ugadi Sambaraalu


The Samika Telugu Vedika e.V (Herewith STV e.V), reserves the right to use any photograph or video taken live at any STV events or recorded content uploaded to the STV Website by the members, without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph or video. The STV e.V may use the photograph or video in publications or other media material produced, used, or contracted by the STV e.V, including but not limited to websites, social media, e-communications, brochures, invitations, posters, flyers, books, newspapers, magazines, television, etc.


Dear STV Member,

We hope you are doing well.  We wish all the performers good luck. Before proceeding to the Performances Upload, Please read the Consent and agree to it.

To make it Simple,  STV Event Org Team might modify or edit the performance videos or photographs to make them fit into our event Theme and can edit the video duration to fit into the  Event Timelines.  STV e.V owns the rights to the media uploaded and will be re-used into a movie with more beatifications to post on our STV YouTube channel and other Social Media platforms.

Please proceed with the Upload  of performances:

  1. The File name of the upload should be in the format ParticipantFirstName_ParticipantLastName_Performance.ext
    • For Example, if Ram Ikshvaku is performing Dance, the file name should be Ram_Ikshvaku_Dancing.mp4
    • For Example, if Ram Ikshvaku is uploading Telugu Badi student performance then, the file name is Ram_Ikshvaku_Telugubadi.mp4
    • For Example, if Ram Ikshvaku is uploading Drawing images, then the file name is Ram_Ikshvaku_Drawing.jpg
  2. Please upload only one file at a time
  3. The Performance files should be uploaded latest by 17.03.2023 (Later this link will not be active )
[wordpress_file_upload maxsize=”1280″ duplicatespolicy=”maintain both” uniquepattern=”datetimestamp” adminmessages=”true” placements=”title/filename+selectbutton+uploadbutton/subfolders/consent/userdata/progressbar/message” uploadtitle=”Upload the files by agreeing to the consent” errormessage=”File %filename% not uploaded. Please reach the STV IT Support Team or this Event Organizers” notify=”true” notifyrecipients=”%useremail%” notifysubject=”STV Website: File Upload Notification” notifymessage=”Dear %username%,%n%%n%This is an automatic delivery message to notify that a new file %filename% has been uploaded by you successfully to our Ugadi 2021 Event.%n%%n%We are also glad for submitting your consent to use the files to modify or reform to make a Event recording and make it available online. %n%%n%Good Luck and Happy preparations to you. We wish to see you and your family on our Virtual Event. %n%Stay healthy and happy.%n%%n%%n%PS: This is an autogenerated email. Please do not reply to this email, as we do not receive response **%n%%n%Best Regards%n%STV Admin” askconsent=”true” personaldatatypes=”userdata and files” notrememberconsent=”true” consentrejectupload=”true” consentquestion=”By activating this option I consent STV e.V., to use my name, details and any quotes from the file (or excerpts of such quotes), the film, photograph(s), tape(s) or reproduction(s) of me, and/or recording of my voice, in part or in whole, in its publications, in magazines and other print media, on television, radio, and electronic media(including the internet), in theatrical media and/or in mailings for educational and awareness” consentdisclaimer=”” filebaselink=”true” medialink=”true” webcam=”true” webcammode=”both” audiocapture=”true” camerafacing=”front”]

*Note: Sharing or Forwarding this link with your friends or other STV participants or  Members/Non-Members of STV e.V., is strictly prohibited. The Upload Link will be distributed only by the STV e.V., Ugadi Event Organizing Team.

For any additional questions, please reach STV e.V Ugadi Event Team Organizers. Thanks for your participation. See you at the Event. Good Day.

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